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RagaMuffin Cats

Honey Bear  has been chosen by Michael Deas  and has gone to his new home in New Orleans
What a lucky boy!

Honey Bear and 
Bubby Cream Mink and White RagaMuffin Kitten and RagaMuffin Adult
Honey Bear and his Uncle Bubby
Mink RagaMuffin 
Paddy and Buddy's Babies 9 weeks old
RagaMuffin Kitten  Natural Mink and White with Aqua Eyes

Isn't Truffle a darling little girl?  She has been chosen by Jacque and Steve
Truffle went to her new home in Mass to meet her new family on August 3rd.

Ziggy has been chosen by Tyler and Dan

Butter Brickle has been Chosen !
She will be a member of the Turenne family and with her half sister Livvie.. in S. Carolina
BB has gone to her new home and is doing great!

The babies below are Savannah's Babies

Max has been chosen by the Staub Family and has gone to his new home in VA.

Merlin has been Chosen by the Staub Family.  He and his brother Max flew to their new home in Virginia

Savannah's Glory will be staying at LuvNMuffin.  She will be entering her show career with her first show in Louisville, KY. September 5th & 6th

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This is Frankie in September, he has grown and is making his family so
happy with his lovely personality

Once you have a RagaMuffin you will never do anything
unsupervised or with out help.
Just a little "Perk" when owning a "Muffin"
Remember, "One Muffin is Never Enough"

Jonah is a Brown Tabby & White
Mary and TJ May are his parents

LuvNMuffin Rusty
 Reddington Red Classic Tabby and White sweet kitten
Truffle Brown Classic Tabby and White RagaMuffin Kitten

Truffle was chosen by the Carlson Family in
Nashville and is Loving his new family!

Teddy  has gone to his new family in Florida

This is Max    He is 8 weeks old in this picture
Max and Merlin
Chloe had become a member of the Martin Family

Joy and Jonah went to their new home with their new
Mom and Dad, Mary and TJ in Raleigh, NC.
We are so happy for both of them to have been adopted by such a wonderful couple.  In a couple months they will have a new little sister from LuvNMuffin.

Savannah's Glory  RagaMuffin Kitten Blue Patched McTabby and White


He has gone to his new home


New Babies will be found on our New Nursery Page