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Thank you for remembering my birthday, I still feel like your little kitten, I have my favorite toys which I can always find in my toy box inside my sleeping stand, I have found two mice that got into the house, they were lots of fun to toss around!!  There are some things I can bring to my Mom and she throws them for me to bring back, she really likes this.  I try to cheer her up at 11:00 at night when she gets home from work by bringing them into the bathroom to throw for me.  I really do it for her because I would rather be sleeping but sometimes you have to go the extra mile.  Then when she gets into bed, I get right next to her head and purr as loudly as I can to help her go to sleep.

I can open drawers and once I found a dead hummingbird in Mom jewelry box, so now I always open all the drawers just in case she left another one in there.  I go thru everything since hummingbirds are really small and may be under other stuff, so I just pull out all the other stuff to  make sure.  One time I had all the drawers open and the whole thing fell over.  Mom was mad I think.

Life here is quite nice, but there is one thing I really wish you would talk to her about.  I do so want to go outside I sit next to the door and ask as plainly as I can to go out.  I don't know why she won't open the door, if I ask to go inside a closet door, she opens it for me....., If I position myself just right and Mom is distracted, I can dash thru the door and get out.  It is sooooo much fun to run in the grass and leap up a tree!  There are birds all over the place and hummingbirds that just hang there, I know I could catch them.  I run around until Mom gets real mad and then I just roll over on my back and pretend I'm just waiting for her to come and get me.
By Claire, my wonderful Mom

Ceasar is now 3 years old

I sure was a cute little guy

Jake and Luca were the first two muffins in the Weber Family.  Jacque and Steve were having so much fun that they decided to add a little sister for the boys

Truffle Sleeping on the Mantle

The boys just love Truffle and she has been so much fun for the boys.  Truffle is a lucky little girl, she has chosen a place to sleep on the mantle right nest to the Lladro statue, So far so good

Jacque and Steve greet Jake and Luca at the airport, their new home is in MA.

Jacque says, "Jake has become so attached to me.  He talks to me all of the time.  Luca loves me to brush him.  He purrs and rolls around.  Truffle and Luca sleep next to my pillow every night.  Jake sleeps on the window perch in the bedroom.
Truffle is a little snuggler.  She is so affectionate that all we want to do is kiss her all the time.  We are so in love with these sweet little muffins.  This is a result of the wonderful breeding that you have done.  You should be so proud of the work you do."
Happy Holidays,
Love and Purrrs,

Truffle's first birthday


LuvNMuffin Teddy

Thank you so much for the birthday card and Christmas cards you sent Teddy. It was such a surprise to us to see how much he's grown since then!  We think he still looks just the same until we look back at the old pictures.  He's an absolutely beautiful cat and as sweet as can be.  He loves to have his head rubbed and will raise up on his hind legs to reach his head up to our hands!  He can be vocal when he wants attention and delights in meowing until I follow him to see what he would like (Food, a door opened for him, or usually just attention).  I think he just enjoys the power of having me at his beck and call!  Of course, I delight in spoiling him and following him to see what he wants.  We love himn so much and can't imagine him not being a part of our family.  He can always be found sprawled out sleeping in a chair near where ever the rest of the family is.  He is absolutely gorgeous and we love him so much.  If you're ever in Chesapeake, VA we'd love for you to come see him.
The Hill Family

Avery and his new brother

Avery and his mom Lexie

We've just been deliriously happy.
The little patter of paws running around the house
Avery is the leader.  He will play no matter what time it is,where it is and with any of his sibs.
We love him.  Simply said, He is THE BEST !!!!!!!

Gia and Curley

This is Gus !

Bogie's first Birthday Party

Bogie in his birthday box !

SOOOOOOOOOO, as usual, our little boy is keeping us on our toes!  bogie has added "pianist" to his list of talents.
We have an old piano in our living room (which is right below our bedroom).  It is an upright that was not designed with a cover for the keys.  Do you see where I am going with this?..... Each evening at about 11pm just as we are falling asleep,
Bogie decides to tickle the ivories.  And while his timing is AWFUL, I must admit he's got talent!  He only touches one key at a time and makes sure to catch all the octaves.  Maybe one day we will videotape one of his recitals for you to see with your own eyes!
He is a BIG bundle of fluff and there isn't anyone who visits that doesn't gasp at how gorgeous he is.
Hope all is well with you!

Lisa & Scott
Southbury, CT

Bogie at 12 weeks

Elijah Bleu

He fills the room up with this radiant soul.  I am blessed to have him in my life.  His daddy and I adore him immeasurably and can't imagine how we ever lived without this little fuzzy wuzzy luv bug! 
Elijah is such a lucky boy, he now has another brother, Sterling Reputation has joined the family and they adore each other.

Marnie's Second Birthday Picture

"She's throughly spoiled and loves it" says Meowmy Debra in Louisianna

Marnie at 12 weeks

Laurel doesn't understand why Deborah is packing a suitcase,
she's going to make sure she doesn't get left behind

This is Laurel at 10 weeks old

Cookie has joined this family and is getting adjusted
to her new home

Amelia Dearheart is the love of the Berryman Family

Amelia as a baby

Looking lovely in red, lap kitty, Andreya shares her wonderful life with John, Kandy and Golden Retriever sister, Becky in Stuart, FL
Andreya at 4 weeks old

Ralphie shares his life with Steve and Laurie
in North Oxford, MA

Ralphie and his brother Baxter who lives in

Yikes!  I'm three and very HAPPY as you can see. There could be no better home for me.

I arrived in 2006 and have been treated like a Prince ever since!

Purrfectly content,

This is Ben as a Baby!
He sure has grown

July 2009

Ziggy is doing just wonderfully!  He's actually next to us right now as he just loves to watch us use the computer and try a littlr typing himself.
He's eating very, very well, playing hard, has adjusted perfectly to the litter box here and is the biggest lovebug.  He's too funny and his great personality is starting to shine through.  We are just in love with him.

Honestly, he's just perfect.  The fact that he's so well adjusted already has a lot to do with the love and care he felt before he came here.  It's really wonderful how much you two care about the welfare of these animals.  We are so glad to have found you and so glad that you brought this little sweetie into our lives.    Dan & Tyler

Ziggy as a baby

Gabbie and Angie

I hope that all is well.  Even though the temps are high here in Pittsburgh, we are having a wonderful summer.  I keep getting compliments on how beautiful my little kitties are.  Thanks to the both of you!
I've attached some photos.  the first one was the favorite and won 3rd prize in a photo contest.  They have enriched my life in more ways than I could have imagined.  Thanks again

Take Care and Purrrrs,
Diane, Gabby and Angie  xxx000

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The Kuehn kitties, Toby and Zoey are a lucky Pair!  They bring such joy to their family in Florida

Isn't it amazing how special love shows, even in the feline world, just like their parents Gail and Tom.



Jonah and Jorgie
Oct. 2010

Zoey's first Birthday
Toby's first Birthday
Dear Sharon,

Thought you might like an update on Theo.  He's a wonderful fellow, we grow closer by the day.  He follows me most everywhere -- he just came and put his paw on my lap while I type this -- and now that the weather's cooled off, he's taken to sleeping next to me, side by side sometimes.  It's as if he's guarding me.

Last week Theo had play date with a friend of mine's puppy.  Even though the dog is small, I was a bit anxious about their meeting, but they got along wonderfully.  They rolled around and played together for an hour or more. Theo's quite the social butterfly.  He loves when company comes over, and is often the center of attention.  Though he's over a year old now, he's still a kitten at heart. He loves to play fetch and tug-o-war with the toys you kindly sent us. (They're still holding up.)

The only time he gets crazy is when he gets between the shower curtains (one of his favorite haunts); then his pupils dilate and he turns into a little primeval wild cat, which I don't quite understand.  But otherwise he is an amazingly gentle little fellow. He's my good friend, and I miss him if I go out for even a little while.

I sometimes feel he might need a playmate, though I don't think I'm quite ready for the responsibility of two.  If I ever do, though, I will certainly check the new arrivals at LuvNMuffin.  Ragamuffins are definitely the way to go! In the meantime, thank you so much for matching Theo and me.  I don't know what I'd do without him.



New Letter from Michael Deas and Theo

Toby is a Sable and White RagaMuffin Cat at 1 year old

Jake and Lica's Second Birthday
Hi Sharon,

I thought it was time for a (long overdue) Murphy update. Murphy is spoiled rotten and loving life. He and his big sister Marshmallow are adorable together. Very playful and always bathing each other's heads. Murphy is quite talkative, but it's just the funniest thing. He always meows when he wants to play or go into a room with a closed door. He often brings a toy, sets it down in front of someone, and looks up and meows until you play with it. But we don't call it meowing, we call it chirping. This nearly-3-year-old male cat has the cutest, highest, tiny little peep for a meow. He was like that as a little guy, of course, but I always thought his voice would grow as he did. It never did. It sounds nothing like Marshmallow's full deep meow. According to the veterinarian, Murphy is healthy as can be, and he seems it. He is full of energy. He and Marsh have always loved chasing the little red laser pointer, but recently, my brother Adam was in town for Christmas and bought the cats a new laser pointer for their stocking. Adam's laser pointer changes to various different shapes, and Murphy is just obsessed with the butterfly shape. He chases it everywhere, and he meows (chirps!) for it constantly if nobody is playing with it with him. He knows the clicking sound of someone picking it up off the table, too, and comes running. His ears are just amazing. But I have never seen him so driven by a toy. He wants to chase that butterfly 24 hours a day and never tires of it. Marshmallow, on the other hand, hates the butterfly. As much as she enjoys the standard little red dot, she is not a fan of the butterfly. She hisses at it and turns and walks away. We try to just point it at the ground a couple of feet away from her and hold it still so she can inspect it, and sometimes that works for a couple of moments, but, inevitably, Muphelurphel always pounces and she walks away. One the rare occasions when Murphy has actually allowed her to inspect it, she will sit and stare at it for a few moments, cautiously approach it, and then sniff it, and then swipe her hand through the air right above it. Then she will ultimately lose interest and walk away.

Murphy also LOVES having his belly rubbed, as does Marshmallow. He is very good about using his scratching posts, although the same can't be said of his sister. Marshmallow doesn't really scratch the carpet or furniture either, though. She doesn't seem interested in scratching anything. Another thing Murphy does that is just so cute, is "yelling" at bugs he sees on the ceiling. We never really had bugs in the house before, but this past summer, central Pennsylvania had a stink bug infestation, it was crazy. They are still all over the place, even in this weather. Ever since then, there has been an occasional bug on the ceiling. Murphy really wants to get that bug, so if he sees one, he will climb onto the highest piece of furniture he can (none anywhere near close to the ceiling) and yell (chirp) at the bug for ages. I don't know what he thinks that is going to accomplish, but it's so cute to watch.

He also can't get enough of looking out the back french door windows at the snow or rain. Especially the snow. We turn the back light on at night so he can see it all lit up, and he is so alert. Ears back, eyes huge, head back and forth at all the flakes. He just loves it. He also plays fetch, just like a little puppy. He will bring a toy to me, I will toss it across the room or a few feet away, he will excitedly chase after it, and bound back to me with it in his mouth and then drop it in front of me.

And the way that cat can jump! He gets so much air, it's incredible. And he is so graceful when he leaps up on to furniture, even the dining room table (which is a pretty high table, quite far off the ground.) It's like he just floats right on up.

He just hates closed doors in the house, he gets very annoyed with them. This includes closet doors. Even when nobody is in a room, if the door to that room is closed for whatever reason, he will sit outside of it and scratch at the door and "chirp" until someone lets him in. Then, after he inspects the situation and sees that nobody is in the room, he is satisfied and will come back out. Even when every person he really knows in his life is clearly outside of that room, he still cannot stand closed doors. He will also scratch at closet doors where he knows nobody is hiding inside, and "chirp" until the door is opened. Once it is, he will go in the closet, walk around for a moment, determine that nothing has changed since the last time he was in that closet 2 hours ago, and come back out. It's really very cute. Everything he or Marshmallow does is unbearably adorable.

I recently found an old email exchange between you and I when I had just decided to go ahead with getting Murphy and you had decided to reserve him for me. You said that three other families were looking at him, too, but didn't commit quickly enough. I am SO thankful that I decided to get him before anybody else could. He is so big a part of my family now, I can't imagine him not being in it. My father adores him, and my brother and sister can't wait to play with the cats when they come over. They both buy them Christmas presents, and Dad and I celebrate both Marsh and Murph's birthdays. Marshmallow turned 7 in October, and Murphy is nearly 3! Just two months away! They are our family.

After 4 years of college, 2 years of grad school, and nearly four years out of school, I have decided to go back yet again. Nothing I really went for in the past was something I was passionate about. Animals have always been my biggest thing in life, and I am going to become a veterinary technologist. Since I already have a bachelors degree, my course load will be pretty light in comparison to others', and I will only be taking classes for the major itself. Still plenty of time to be home with the cats! The school is not far from me, so I am not moving away.

Murphy is a Seal Lynx Point and White Neutered RagaMuffin male.

From Meghan and Murphy

This page last updated  Feb. 1,2016

Teddy continues to grow more beautiful every day.  He is a wonderful family member.  He is so smart about conveying to us what he wants and leading us where he wants us to go!  In the evening he curls up with us in a chair or in his cat bed in front of the fire.

Well, Minuet & Monet are doing exceptionally at peace.  They are eating quite well, and using the litter box beautifully.  You did a great job with their potty-training!  Winking smile
Each day is bringing about a higher trust level.  By Sunday evening, they were jumping up on the sofa if we were sitting there and timidly approaching us.  When we touched them, we could hear their wonderful purrs, but if either of us got up, they would instantly go hide, with Monet in the lead!  At first, Monet seemed to be so much more timid then Minuet, but I think her timidness is definitely reserved for unknown territory.  She has come such a long way in the past day.  By last night, both of them were crawling all over us.  We can even get up and walk now!!  We are both so happy and surprised at how quickly they have become comfortable with us.  We had thought that it would be at least a week to get to where they are now. 
We love to just watch them's been so very, very long since we have enjoyed kittens.  Even though we missed the first four months of their life, I'm happy that they are still as small as they are...and definitely kittens!  So playful.  I hope Max is doing well.  I can't imagine having adopted just one.  We are definitely a two-kitten family.  Minuet and Monet are connected at the hip right now.  The first night here proved panic-filled for both of them.  As soon as one walked out of sight for a half-second, the other one would start screaming, which led the first one to cry out to identify the corner she turned.  At that point, the "abandoned" one would quickly join her sister and all would be well. 
I can't imagine how difficult it is for you to continuously say goodbyes to kittens that you have raised for four months.  It's not the same as releasing kittens at the typical eight weeks of age, but I realize that this is the cycle of life for you and your babies.  I see by your site that you have just been joined by yet another litter of four!  Congratulations. 
Just want to tell you that we are in love with our babies.  They are already bringing us so much joy. 



From Glory and Paul   July 19, 2011

Amy Anticoli Berryman  posted to Sharon DeCeuninck

RagaMuffin Kitten Family Corner

Both Becky and her daddy John have crossed the Rainbow Bridge . . .  They are missed.  We are waiting for pictures of Andreya's new doggie friend.

Joy, Jonah and Jorgi

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