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The Queens of LuvNMuffin are "lightly bred" over several years and then are offered for adoption as treasured pets. During their working years, they live in our home. We feel that once they have retired they deserve to have a home in which they do not have to share their purrsons with a group of kitties...they deserve to be the sole pampered pet (or, at the most, one of two or three) for the rest of their lives. While we love each one and miss them terribly when they leave, it is because we love them that we offer them the opportunity to be solely a pet. Our retirees are spayed/neutered and current on their vaccines.


Frankie has gone to her Furrever Home in North Carolina with some friends I've know for a very long time. 

This beautiful little lady is Charlsie.  She is now living with her forever family in Tennessee

LuvNMuffin Pawlina

Pawlina and her sister PaddyCake have both been adopted by the same family, they are going to be so happy having their own person to dote on them, each will have a lap to sit on and nothing makes a kitty happier than to have a person of their own.

LuvNMuffin Paddy Cake

Lexie  has moved to her new home in Mims, Florida with Elaine and is having a wonderful life with lots of attention and love.

Jolene has been Chosen by Jean and has gone to her new home in The Villages in Florida.
Jolene and her new friend Angelo are having a wonderful time playing together and enjoying life as buddies

Angelina is a Natural Mink RagaMuffin.  She has recently been spayed and is now ready for a new home where she can be the queen.  Angie is 11 years old, in very good health.  Likes to play and loves to sit with you and be loved.  Now that she is Spayed her true Coat will come in like her sister Jolene pictured below. 
      Please contact me if you think you would like to share your heart and love with Angie.

This is Angel !  Her registered name is " Just Call me Angel",  Angel is 7 1/2 years old.  She is a real sweetie, recently spayed.  She is a little over weight but we are working on her weight loss.

Cinni is 10 years old and has recently been spayed.  Her registered name is "Cinnamon Swirl".    Cinni has produced many wonderful kittens and  including a Grand Daughter "Savannah's Glory" who has been shown to Grand Champion in ACFA and Champion last year in CFA.  This year Glory will be going to the International CFA Show in Pa. again and hopefully will become a Grand Champion!  Cinni did not enjoy the show circuit since she was a little shy.

This is Cinni's daughter Glory photographed by Robin Vernada.  The picture below  is by Dean Russo who did the picture from this photograph .

Woodstock, GA

Cinni has been chosen
She has gone to her new home now.

This is Jolene, Angie's twin sister.
Angie will look just like Jolene when her
coat comes in.