Please Help us Help Minnie Muffin

Minnie was born on July 7th in a litter of 4 RagaMuffin Kittens.  She was tiny weighing in at 2oz.  Like some human infants she was born with a vein in her heart that is supposed to close off at birth so that her blood is now handled by her own heart with out the help of her mother's by way of the placenta that cares for and nourishes the kitten or baby prior to birth.  We think Minnie's vein did not close off so at this point she is not able to have the benefit of a healthy heart. 
After the visit to University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital it was determined that there is no surgical procedure for Minnie.  She has been put on medications and seems to be feeling better, eating better and playing with her siblings.  She will go back for follow up Radiography and hopefully will continue to feel good.

Minnie will have an appointment with the Cardiologists at UGA next week to determine when and if it will be possible to surgically repair her heart.  Please, if you can find it in your heart, help us raise the money for this surgery to save little Minnie's life.   She is such a precious little kitten and deserves a chance to live.

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Monday  August 27th          Minnie has an appointment at UGA tomorrow at 1:30PM    UGA is a teaching hospital located in Athens, GA    I'm excited but also a little apprehensive.  Please keep us in your prayers.
Wednesday  August 29th       Minnie had a very long day yesterday with testing, Echo Cardiogram and Radiographs.  It was determined that she does not have a PDA.  She is started on medication and we will have X-Rays repeated next Tuesday to see how she is progressing. Thank you all for your prayers and donations to help Minnie.  She is having a good day and is eating well.
Sunday  August 26th     We now have enough to be able to afford to schedule Minnie's appointment. I will be making the call to UGA tomorrow.  Thank you for your generosity and caring for our little Minnie Muffin

Friday August 31st   Minnie seems to be feeling better after 2 full days on the medication.  She is eating better and enjoying playing with her brothers.  Thank you all for your help with getting Minnie to the Teaching Hospital and and your prayers for her continued health. 

September 4th   Minnie had a follow up visit with our vet today.  She has put on weight, grown and the x-ray showed that the medications she is taking are doing their job.  It was so sweet, the vet tech, Lauren, took her for the x-rays and when she returned Minnie had her little paws wrapped around Lauren's neck and did not want to let them move.  Such a precious little 'Muffin.
September 11, 2012  Minnie is growing and getting sweeter by the day.  She is now enjoying playing on the loft with Ben and Victoria who are a little smaller than she and not as rough as her 3 little brothers.

Sept. 21, 2012
Minnie playing mother's helper with the new Chocolate Drops
Mom chose a drawer rather than a birthing box!

Sept. 22,  Minnie had another Radiograph yesterday.  We need to add more of her Lasix since she has grown.  She is such a sweet little girl, does not fight her medication.  She is doing well and is happily playing with Benjamin and Victoria.  Having a great time running up and down the stairs.

Minnie is now 3 pounds 13 ounces and is doing well.  Her Cardiologist and Vet have added another medication and much to my surprise she likes it!  Minnie is enjoying taking care of the Chocolate Drops group of 5 kittens.  It should be interesting to see how she does when Ben and Victoria leave on the 16th of October.  They play together , nap together and eat together.  But then, Minnie will have 5 little ones to keep her busy.
O ctober 23rd, 2012    Minnie is doing pretty well.  She enjoys playing with the younger kittens.  Ben and Victoria have gone to their new home so she is now playing with little toys on the wood floor in the living room.  She missed her little friends but is now having fun with the Chocolate Drops who are more and more playful. She has now reached 4 pounds 10 oz.
Minnie is now 6 months old and doing ok.  She is doing well on her medications, thankful for our vet who is watching her closely and adjusting her medications as she grows to prevent problems for as long as possible.
January 2013

Minnie is doing well at this point.  She is 7 months old and weighs 6 pounds.  She is happy, playful and such a sweet little girl kitten.  Thank you everyone for your support and prayers for Minnie this past year.  We are hoping there will be many more.

Minnie is now a year old and doing well.  She appears to have outlived the prediction by her cardiologist.  She is such a little Blessing.

Minnie and her best buddy, Petunia
Minnie is now 2 years and 7 months old.
She is doing well, on medication every 12 hours.
She went to the vet this past week and although she was very stressed, she did ok.  We are thankful for every day we get to spend with this precious little RagaMuffin.  Thank you for keeping her in your prayers

Minnie's medications are very expensive.  If you would like to help please feel free to contact me @

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Minnie Muffin loves the babies and is always watching to be sure they do not get into trouble.  We were taking pictures and Minnie wanted to help the kitten to feel comfortable in a strange place.