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Dec. 31, 2015
These little darlings are Brother and Sister
We are now almost 4 weeks old

We are now 6 weeks old

Leo is a Blue Mink and White Tabby
Gabby is a Natural Mink and White Tabby

We are now 8 weeks old

Gabby is preparing for her upcoming Show Career
We are 10  1/2 weeks  old here.
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We are now 12 weeks old !
We are 4 weeks old, 3 little Boys and 2 little Girls
Sable McTabby and White

Twin Brothers

Sable and White

Sable Tortoishell and White McTabby
Our Two Little Girls
Sable McTabby and White
My family has named me  Tucker !
I have been Chosen!
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We are twin Brothers !  We are Sable and White and are available for adoption.  We are 6 weeks old.

I am a Sable MacTabby and White little girl
I have been Chosen already.

I am a Sable and White Little Boy
I have been Chosen.        My name is Tucker!

I am a Sable Torti and White
I am currently on hold

We are now 6 weeks old !
Sisters !
We are now 7 weeks old !
Miss Molly has a lot to say !
She is on hold at this time.
My name is Katy-Kat !  I went home to my family on July 1st.

I am a Sable McTabby and White, My name is Tucker !

My name is Auggie I am a Sable and White RagaMuffin  I have gone home to my family in Virginia!

I am a Sable and White Little Boy,  my family has not yet named me.

Miss Molly and Katie-Kat are10 weeks old

Katie-Kat is 10 weeks old
Katie went to her new home and family yesterday

This little boy is Auggie ! He has gone to his new home and family in Virginia

This is Tucker !  He is a sweet little guy and will be living  in GA. so I will get to see him grow up, so exciting!

We have "Muffins in the oven!

This little boy, Samson, has been Chosen!
He flew home with his daddy on July 31st
He is one happy little RagaMuffin in his new home!

Samson and his sister Miss Molly
We are Growing

WE   Have Arrived ! We are one little boy and two little girls.

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